Summer time means vacation time! Therefore we are from July 29th up to and including August 9th, 2024 on company holiday and not available during this time. If necessary, you are still welcome to place an order, which we will not able to dispatch until August 13th, 2024 at the earliest.

The Dometic S4 model series has been one of the most valued windows in the caravan and mobile home sector for decades. These are currently available in widths from 300 to 1450 mm and from 300 to 800 mm in height.

In the generally available standard version, the outer frame made of polyurethane (belonging to the group of plastics or synthetic resins) is painted black (RAL 9005). The window pane, made of double acrylic glass, is slightly gray toned, which can be opened in almost any position up to an angle of approx. 75 degrees by means of friction hinges in telescopic displays.

An inner frame with integrated blackout and insect screen is always part of the scope of delivery. The color of the inner frame is cream white (RAL 9001). Each roller blind can be opened or closed individually or both can be connected to one another using a clip, so that, for example, one half of the window can be darkened while the other half continues to get light into the vehicle through the insect protection roller blind and annoying insects are kept out.

If you have perhaps seen S4 windows in or on other vehicles whose outer frames are painted white or gray, for example, or whose acrylic glass pane is tinted significantly darker, then these usually come from special productions on behalf of the respective vehicle manufacturer and are therefore generally not available to the general public. For example, if one is installed in your vehicle and you may need a replacement, you should contact your vehicle dealer or the vehicle manufacturer directly.