Dometic Acrylic Glass Cleaning Set for Dometic S4 & S7P window panes

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Dometic Acrylic Glass Cleaning Set for Dometic S4 & S7P window panes   The practical... more
Product information "Dometic Acrylic Glass Cleaning Set for Dometic S4 & S7P window panes"

Dometic Acrylic Glass Cleaning Set for Dometic S4 & S7P window panes


The practical cleaning and maintenance set for all top hinged and sliding windows in the S4 and S7P series from Dometic.

The set consists of

  • the acrylic glass cleaner in a 250 ml bottle,
  • the acrylic glass polish in a 75 ml tube, as well
  • a special polishing cloth.

The complete package for the optimal care of all Dometic windows at an attractive combination price.

The acrylic glass cleaner prevents static charging and the associated dust attraction on the window. With the polish and the associated cloth, light scratches and / or matt areas can be easily polished out. Nevertheless, some things should be taken into account, especially before the cleaning of an acrylic glass pane, so that the joy of it is literally "not tarnished". In our rubric "Good to know!" you will receive some information on how to ensure the best possible view over the long term.


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Good to know

An acrylic glass pane is made of plastic and plastic also needs the right care.

Unlike conventional glass, acrylic glass is much softer in its texture. Therefore it scratches more easily and from case to case these scratches are also comparatively "deeper", so that under certain circumstances they can already be seen. Scratches cause light to be refracted. With a large number of scratches, the acrylic appears optically "milky" at some point. This effect is further enhanced if additional dust / dirt can accumulate in existing scratches.

It doesn't have to be! Because most scratches are actually caused by cleaning.

Who doesn't know that after returning from a long trip, everything has to be cleaned again. And not just inside, but also outside of the vehicle. For cleaning from the outside in particular, we therefore recommend the entire vehicle, starting from the roof, to remove from dust and dirt just with a clean, quite powerful jet of water.
Make sure to only spray the acrylic glass panes with water. Never use a brush or sponge during this or afterwards, as it is not uncommon for coarser dust particles or even the smallest stones to have settled there beforehand. Such a brush or sponge acts like sandpaper and inevitably scratches the acrylic glass surface. With every wash with the help of a brush or a sponge, this problem will be exacerbated and accelerate the occurrence of the actually undesirable "milky glass effect".

Use a clean, soft cloth when using the cleaner. As with the subsequent polishing, do not apply too much pressure with either cloth. Already scratched or matt areas may need to be polished for several minutes.


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