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Dönges SyncFlare LED Warning signal lights, orange, 3-color changeable

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  With the Dönges SyncFlare warning signal lights , you primarily protect yourself, your... more
Product information "Dönges SyncFlare LED Warning signal lights, orange, 3-color changeable"


With the Dönges SyncFlare warning signal lights, you primarily protect yourself, your vehicle and other road users in an emergency.

Before we describe the advantages and properties of this article in detail below, our duty of information and, in particular, our duty of care, requires you to expressly point out the following:
The signal lights do not have a generally valid approval for public road traffic in the sense of the German road traffic and approval regulations (StVO, § 53a or StVZO, § 22a). This means that within the meaning of these ordinances, if you use these signal lights in designated public road traffic in the Federal Republic of Germany, you are committing an administrative offense which, if punished by a regulatory authority, could result in the payment of a corresponding fine! To what extent you can use these warning signal lights outside of the scope of the FRG should be checked independently before starting your journey. In the adjacent area "Good to know!" you will find further explanations on our part.

For the sake of order, we would like to point out under the given regulations that use in public road traffic is therefore at your own risk!

There are hardly more unpleasant circumstances when traveling than getting into an emergency situation with the vehicle due to a technical breakdown. And if the need weren't already great enough due to a technical defect, there are usually additional dangers lurking in road traffic from other road users. In such cases, protecting your defective and stationary vehicle should have top priority so that other road users can recognize the existing dangerous situation in short time and react to it quickly and appropriately.

Thanks to the LEDs arranged all around each signal light, they are very good visible from a distance. In addition, four LEDs each emit upwards, which are even more visible, for example, for drivers of trucks with an elevated seating position. With the choice of 6 different running light modes, you can draw attention to yourself not only in darkness or fog, but also in rainy or wintry weather conditions.

Only use the signal lights, if at all, if your vehicle represents a standing obstacle in public traffic and thus a danger to other road users! Under no circumstances should you use or operate the signal lights on your vehicle while it is in motion.

The colors yellow, red and blue can be selected at the push of a button. Before starting your journey, make sure that the color is set to YELLOW. This color is the safest way to be perceived and recognized by other road users. We advise against using the light color blue in any case, as this signal color is exclusively reserved for the police, fire brigade and rescue and / or rescue forces according to the German road traffic regulations (StVO) and an infringement represents at least an administrative offense or under certain circumstances even a criminal offense !

Each of the six signal lights is activated automatically when it is removed from the case. The synchronization of all removed lights according to the selected color and running light setting also takes place automatically. The respective signal lights can be placed on and in your vehicle according to the given traffic situation. The magnets attached to the back of each signal light enable secure, vertical attachment to stable areas on your vehicle. Depending on the selected running light setting and charging status, the signal lights can remain in operation for up to 48 hours. The signal lights are waterproof (IP 67) and shockproof due to their all-round rubber coating. They can even withstand a weight of up to 3 tons if accidentally rolled over.

To charge the respective rechargeable batteries, the signal lights are placed in their magnetic holder in the transport case. The transport case, which is equipped with a charging function, can be connected to a 230 V or 12 V power supply using the appropriate plug. Checking the charge level of 100%, 50% or 25% is possible by pressing a button on the respective signal light.


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Technical details
Technical details  
Case color signal lights: orange
Measurement signal lights: 39 mm hight, Ø 118 mm
Number LEDs: 8 x all around, 4 x on top
Light output: 5,2 W
Light color: changeable in yellow, red or blue
Battery charge current: 230 V / 12 V
Temperature range: -40 °C to +60 °C
Voltage / Capacity: 3,7 V / 3.000 mAh
Measurement carrying case: 355 x 275 x 105 mm (Hight x Width x Deth)
Total weight: 3.2 kg (7.1 lbs)
Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes:

  • 6x Dönges SyncFlare signal lights
  • 1x Dönges SyncFlare plastic carrying case with charging function
  • 1x 230 V charging cable
  • 1x 12 V charging cable


Good to know

Explanation of the facts of the approval for road traffic:
Road safety is a top priority. This also includes the correct behavior in an emergency situation, which is clearly regulated within the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO). This includes wearing a safety vest as well as properly securing the danger area by switching on the hazard warning lights on the vehicle, setting up a warning triangle and also for vehicles from 3.5 tons. that of a warning light.
It is difficult to refute that additional warning signals not only strengthen your own sense of security, but also protect other road users. This applies in particular to the fact that the entire power supply on the vehicle has collapsed so that the vehicle's hazard warning lights, among other things, do not work. Almost regularly one hears warning messages on the radio "Beware of unlit breakdown vehicle on the roadside". In this respect, also a warning light that is not tied up to the power supply of the actual breakdown vehicle should be in vehicles below 3.5 to. total weight.
However, the use of such additional warning signal lights must not create any additional dangers, so that other road users may be blinded by them or they may end up on the road as an additional obstacle or source of danger. The legislature therefore clearly stipulates that such things must be checked in advance, the type of use determined and formally approved.

Why are such signal lights generally offered even though they are not approved for use on public roads?
The SyncFlare LED warning signal lights were initially developed for police, fire brigade and rescue and / or rescue workers to provide additional protection for dangerous areas. Apart from the optional color blue, it is undisputed that these are also suitable for private use due to their signal properties. Accordingly, the manufacturer endeavors to obtain the required approval (type test in accordance with § 22a StVZO) so that these can also be used in German public road traffic under certain conditions and compliance with the relevant rules or regulations. Until then, it is ultimately up to your own decision whether, regardless of the applicable regulations, your own emergency situation should be additionally secured in order to protect yourself or others from an existing danger. In any case, it is not known that a statutory and possibly additional protection of a hazard area has been punished as an administrative offense, unless it has endangered other road users or yourself. The reverse is true.

General remarks / information, if you want to use these warning signal lights on your own initiative:

  • Only use the signal lights to secure your vehicle when it is stationary! Operating the lights while driving / moving is prohibited!
  • If possible, only install the lights on or in the vehicle
    • On the side outside of the lane only under constant observation of the traffic, as you otherwise endanger yourself and others
    • Never place the lights around the vehicle on the road surface, as, for example, accidentally driving over a light by another road user can throw it around and thus cause additional dangers
    • If possible, avoid using the blue signal lights on public roads. Such use, especially if you move your vehicle with the blue lights switched on, can at least be punished as an administrative offense and result in the payment of a fine!

Before using the device for the first time, you should fully charge the rechargeable batteries in the signal lights so that they all have the same charge level. A different charge level can mean that the lights may not be able to synchronize automatically. The magnetic positions of the signal lights are equipped with light diodes for visual monitoring of the charging process (red = charging; green = fully charged).

To maintain the battery performance for a longer period of time, it is recommended that the batteries be completely discharged once every three months if possible.


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