SCHRADER SOLARIS 9054 air pressure sensors TPMS retrofit kit for light trucks & cars

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Product information "SCHRADER SOLARIS 9054 air pressure sensors TPMS retrofit kit for light trucks & cars"

SCHRADER SOLARIS 9054 air pressure sensors TPMS retrofit kit for light trucks & cars

Easily convert light trucks and / or cars without automatic tire pressure monitoring.

If possible, a trip should never be started without first checking the current tire pressure. But whose vehicle is not yet (factory) equipped with a tire pressure control system, there is usually no other option than to check the tire pressure at any gas station. This not only costs time, but sometimes also nerves. Especially when your own vehicle is not exactly "small".

Therefore, it would be great if you could check whether the tires have the desired or required air pressure before driving to the gas station. From a speed of 30 km / h (18 mph), the system "wakes up" from stand-by mode and then shows the air pressure and the temperature of the respective tire in real time on the display. This data is reliably transmitted via radio signal.

With the Schrader TPMS retrofit kit Solaris, the air pressure of up to 6 tires can be easily checked. The number of wheels that are ultimately to be checked can be configured individually (2, 4 or 6). The air pressure unit can be displayed in the form of "PSI" or "Bar". The same applies to the temperature, the display of which can be selected in "Celsius" or "Fahrenheit".

With the Schrader Solaris retrofit kit, an air pressure setpoint of 1.9 bar (28 PSI) to 5.0 bar (73 PSI) can be set (also separated by wheel axle). In the event that a deviation occurs in one of the tires from 20% of the set air pressure setpoint, a clearly audible warning signal sounds (in addition to the visual display). You can find further information on this in the lower tab "Good to know!".

The TPMS display is operated with a built-in rechargeable battery, which charges itself independently if necessary through a solar cell with the appropriate light source.

Thanks to the air pressure control system from Schrader, safety-relevant information can be checked easily and conveniently, even on vehicles of older construction years. This not only ensures a good feeling, but primarily an increased level of security on all your trips!


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Technical details

Dimensions display:

88 x 71 x 28 mm (Length x Depth x Hight)

Material display:

Plastic in piano lacquer look

Screen display:

Black text on blue-green background (illuminated)

Battery level indicator:


Battery charging plug:

5V USB standard charger

Standby mode:

when the vehicle is at a standstill

System activation:

from 30 km / h (18 mph) driving speed

Adjustable air pressure:

1.9 to 5.0 bar (28 to 73 PSI)

Warning strategy:

Audiovisual (in accordance with EU TPMS legislation)

Radio frequency

433.92 MHz

Operating temperatur:

-20 ˚C to +60 ˚C (-4 ˚F to +140 ˚F)

Storing temperatur:

-30 ˚C to +85 ˚C (-22 ˚F to +185 ˚F)


82 g

Schrader Item-No.






Scope of delivery


The scope of delivery includes

  • 1x TPMS display
  • 4x premium OE quality sensors
  • 1x adhesive
  • 1x sensor mounting instruction, and
  • a mulit-lingual display operating manual

A standard 5V USB charger for charging the battery is not included.


Good to know


Air pressure target value settings & warning strategy

The display can be individually adjusted for an air pressure between 1.9 and 5.0 bar. The target value of the air pressure is essential in relation to the warning strategy. This is because the warning strategy is intended to draw the driver's attention, both visually and acoustically, when the tire pressure drops below a critical limit. The system is programmed so that a warning occurs if the air pressure falls 20% or more below the set target value.

Example: The set target value is 5.0 bar. In this case, the warning is activated when the air pressure in a tire drops below 4.0 bar (20% of 5.0 bar is 1.0 bar = 4.0 bar). With a set target value of 2.2 bar, for example, the warning is then activated when the value falls below 1.76 bar.

As the air pressure of a tire can always be read visually while driving, deviations from the actual target value can be determined at any time and restored if necessary. Even if you fill the tires of your motorhome with 5.5 or even 6.0 bar, for example, this value is always displayed correctly and in real time. It is best not to wait so long with the air pressure control until the warning system has activated.

The warning strategy stored in the system is therefore "the last request" for you as the driver to draw your attention to a significant loss of air pressure. This is important, for example, if a "creeping flat foot" should set in during the journey, which usually occurs with considerable pressure loss within a very short time and you may only notice it when it is too late. In such cases, the warning strategy is to promptly head to the next parking space or, if possible, to a nearby workshop.

A technical device for monitoring the air pressure in the tires of your vehicle makes a not insignificant contribution to your safety on the road. However, it does not relieve you of your task of checking the air pressure in your tires from time to time using the display. Because this way, even minor deviations from your preferred air pressure value can be easily rectified at the next stop at a petrol station or, in the worst case, damage can be determined before something worse happens.

In this sense, always a good & safe journey!


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