Dometic eSore Lithium-Ion-Battery, 100 Ah, for 12V systems

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  Light, compact, efficient, quickly charged and maintenance-free with a long service... more
Product information "Dometic eSore Lithium-Ion-Battery, 100 Ah, for 12V systems"


Light, compact, efficient, quickly charged and maintenance-free with a long service life!

At just 17 kg (37.5 lbs) weight, the Dometic eSTORE lithium-ion battery is one of the lightest of its kind and very compact in its dimensions, saving space in confined spaces.

This battery can easily withstand five times more frequent charging cycles than conventional batteries and is therefore extremely efficient. The maintenance-free battery also accumulates no sulfate. In addition, the time for a complete charge need only sensational 2 to 3 hours.

The eSTORE lithium-ion battery is also an excellent communicator. With standard interfaces (CIBus, Modbus), it has the simple option of being integrated into modern, optional BUS systems and the Dometic battery management system MPC 01. The optional battery management system MPC 01 thus protects the battery from excessive charging and voltages as well as from damaging operating temperatures. Likewise, of course, always the current charge level of the battery can be read.


Batterie-Kapazität: 100 Ah
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Technical details



Total dimensions:

315 x 160 x 285 mm (Length x Width x Height)

Rated voltage:

13,2 V

Rated capacity:

100 Ah

Operating temperature range (for discharging)

-30 ˚C (with reduced performance) bis +55 ˚C

Temperature range for charging with chargers:

0 ˚C bis +40 ˚C


17 kg (37.5 lbs)


IEC 62133
UN 38.3
UN 3480

Dometic Item-Number:






Scope of delivery

The delivery includes the eSTORE battery as well as a multilingual installation and operating manual.

Optional following accessories are available:

Dometic MPC 01 (Energy Management System for eSTORE)

eSTORE MPC 01 BUS cable

eSTORE BUS cable set



Good to know

eSTORE is a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery for 12 V systems for power supply. It has an internal main switch and an internal 250 A fuse. In conjunction with a battery management system (e.g. Dometic MPC 01) eSTORE provides the following functions:

  • Battery cell monitoring
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Battery cell temperature monitoring due to integrated temperature sensor, and
  • Communication between multiple eStore batteries

eSTORE can be used with Dometic PerfectCharge MCA series chargers. Use of a third party charger is also permitted. To ensure the internal main switch remains closed when charging under normal conditions, the charger should have the following specification:

  1. end of charge voltage: between 13.8 V and 14.0 V
  2. maximum output: 40 A (30 A recommend), per installed eSTORE

To increase the total installed capacity, up to 8 eSTORES can be connected in parallel. The maximum combined output current must not exceed 250 A. A single eStore can provide current of 250 A for a short time. The continuous current should not exceed 200 A. Continuous discharge current exceeding 200 A from a single eStore can lead to a shorter lifetime. Use two or more eStores when current of more than 200 A is required continuously.


Shipping information

Lithium-ion batteries are classified as dangerous goods and are therefore subject to special, strict transport conditions!

We try to deliver to as many countries as possible. However, in the case of transport outside of Germany, this requires prior agreement with the shipping service provider. Depending on the place of delivery, such a transport will be associated with high shipping costs / dangerous goods surcharges, which have to be paid in addition to the actual purchase price. If necessary, we ask you to contact us in advance so that we can offer a corresponding total price.

We expressly reserve the right to retrospectively refuse a purchase with a place of delivery outside Germany if, among other things, we do not comply with statutory conditions or requirements for the transport of dangerous goods cannot be met.


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