Dometic FlyTec FT200 fly screen for sliding doors, left hand drive vehicles


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Being close to nature has one drawback: insects in your mobile living room and bedroom can be a real nuisance. Which makes it best to take simple precautions and add a custom-fitted fly screen to the entrance. The FlyTec FT200 fly screen from Dometic covers the entrance completely and has a magnetic closure.

This one is for the higher version (1,250 mm x 1,755 mm = Width x Hight) of sliding doors featured by vehicles such as Fiat Ducato X250 / X290 or their similar "brothers" Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper (model series L2H2 to L4H3) as left driven version(driver seat left / sliding door at passenger site), all since construction version July 2006 or younger.

Before you decide to order this insect screen, please check in advance on your vehicle whether the requirements for a successful installation can be met. The above picture # 4 and important information in the opposite tab "Good to know!" offer a good orientation.

If all the requirements are met, the actual assembly is relatively easy. And from this moment on you keep flies, mosquitoes and other animals out of the inside of your vehicle when closed.

Which tools and additional, optional screw material you need for the assembly, we have summarized for you briefly in the adjacent tab "Good to know!".


Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Skirting board
  • 1x Cassette profile with flyscreen & guide cables
  • 1x C pillar cover
  • 7x Blind rivet (4 x 8 mm with stainless steel mandrel)
  • 1x Fastening screw M5 x 30 mm and M5 nut
  • 1x Guide rail above
  • 1x Safety clip and screw M2, 5 x 6
  • 1x Deflection screw M4 with safety clip and screw M2, 5 x 6, and
  • a multi-lingual installation and operating manual

However, screws for fastening the upper guide rail and for the lower step rail are not part of the scope of delivery! This is associated with the most varied of properties of the upper assembly area (for example metal or wood) and the sub-floor.


Important instructions!

Please note that there are also low-roof versions of the Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper (series L1H1 to L2H1 with a sliding door size of "only" 1,075 x 1,485 mm or 1,250 x 1,485 mm (width x height). For these The insect protection door offered here is too large and cannot be adjusted accordingly (e.g. shortened in height).

The installation opening must not be reduced by attached strips, covers, built-in components or similar. This should measure at least 1,250 x 1,755 mm (width x height). See also image #4 above (diagram labeled "X" and "Y").

There must be a distance of at least 40 mm between the rear, vertical sliding door seal and any built-in furniture in order to be able to install the insect screen. See picture #4 above (detailed diagram, small circle).

There must be a clearance of 18 mm between the outer edge of the body floor and any built-in cupboards (e.g. a kitchen block). See image #4 above (detailed diagram of large circle).

The insect screen should be screwed to the body panel at the top. A screw connection on the paneling or the interior fittings may not hold up sufficiently! On the other hand, a lower screw connection with the interior construction floor is normally unproblematic. Basically, for all areas in which screw connections are made, it must be checked beforehand that there are no cable harnesses, lines and/or other components, especially those that are not visible.

Tools required for assembly & optional screws:

  • a hand riveter for aluminum rivets up to at least 4 mm Ø
  • a screwdriver with a smaller, narrow slot, as well as
  • optional/existing screws (depending on the condition for metal, wood or similar) = 5 countersunk screws Ø 4 mm for the floor step strip; 4 countersunk screws Ø 4 mm for the upper guide rail as well as the tool required for this depending on the head design (slotted, Phillips or Torx).

Please select the length of the optional countersunk screws/screws to be used on site according to the existing conditions, so that these e.g. is not screwed through the outer panel or concealed cables or hoses.

Since hand riveting pliers are rarely part of the equipment at home, we have one in two different versions (only for aluminum or for both aluminum and steel rivets) on offer so that you can add these directly to your shopping cart if necessary.

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April 11, 2021 10:48

Schönes Teil

Der Insektenschutz ist wirklich Top. Super Qualität, Preis Leistung ok Es fehlt in meinen Augen lediglich etwas Zubehör (Schrauben) um die 10 Sterne zu erreichen. Wichtig zu wissen: einfacher Anbau wenn der Boden noch nicht gedämmt ist, ansonsten muss man nacharbeiten

Our feedback: Vielen Dank für Ihre positive Rückmeldung. Erfahrungsgemäß ist die Einbausituation in vielen Fahrzeugen unterschiedlich, da oftmals die Höhe des eingebrachten Fußbodens als auch die Position des Küchenblocks (erforderlicher Abstand zur Schiebetür) variieren, so dass ggf. Nacharbeiten/Anpassungen erforderlich sind. Das Befestigungsschrauben nicht Bestandteil des Lieferumfangs sind, ist in erster Linie dem Umstand geschuldet, dass oft auch nicht einheitliche Materialien oder Materialstärken verwendet werden, die wiederum oft unterschiedliche Schraubenarten und/oder Schraubenlängen erforderlich machen. Insofern kann man nachvollziehen, dass Dometic in diesem Fall auf das Beilegen von Schrauben verzichtet, welche unter Umständen gar nicht eingesetzt werden können.

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